Define the key people in your project team

Who are the key people in your team, what role do they play in the project, and who are your key stakeholders?


Projects that involve multiple team members and stakeholders with different roles can get confusing and messy! 

At the beginning of a project, it’s useful to assign your team members to specific roles so that everyone understands their part in the project. You can adjust the roles throughout the project if you need to.


In the Learning Canvas, choose the Roles tab:

Assign a person to a role by clicking on the plus below the role name. Then either:

  1. Select an existing team member

  2. If the team member doesn’t already have a PRODUCER account, you can create one for them. This will send them an email invitation to PRODUCER.

  3. If the team member has a role in the project but doesn’t need access to PRODUCER, you can just add them by name.

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