Outlines allow you to start structuring your learning by summarising the content you intend to include on each screen.

Using the Outline View you can:

  • Establish a learning framework that directly reflects the high-level design in your Learning Canvas

  • Summarise the information you intend to include on each screen

  • Choose the screen types that best suit the information you want to include in each screen (you can change these at any time)

  • Identify and structure personalised learning pathways

By distributing your outline to your team, subject matter experts, and stakeholders you’ll save time in the long run. Your team will understand exactly what you intend to build and can provide suggestions, changes and sign-off before you start the detailed scripting and writing process.


  1. Access the Outline View in the Edit screen.

  2. Add an overview, and start adding screens. By default, the screen type will be a Scroll screen. If you're not sure which screen type or template to choose, you can easily change these later.

  3. Summarise the information and content you intend to include on each screen.

Sharing Your Outline

Exporting your outline to Word or PDF

Outlines can be exported as Word or PDF files and distributed to wider team members and stakeholders for review and feedback.

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