Define your program goals

What is the organisational goal or purpose of the learning?


Before you start any learning project, it's important to identify and document the purpose of the learning. If the purpose and goals are agreed to by all team members and stakeholders at the beginning of the project, then confusion and misunderstandings can be avoided down the track, when changes to goals or to the learning approach are likely to result in significant changes and re-work.


Document your goals in the Learning Canvas:

  1. Open the Program Goals section of the Learning Canvas by clicking on the blue Program Goals icon.

  2. Add your program goals using the grey + button.


Here are some examples you can use as inspiration:

  • Provide clear, correct and consistent advice on our company's products

  • Reduce the volume of workplace incidents and accidents by providing short, memorable refreshers on health and safety

  • Drive business results through improved strategic decision making

  • Create and foster a culture of continuous improvement and customer centricity

  • Engage students by delivering a fun and interesting introduction to their course

  • Provide leaders with the tools and capabilities to drive improvement within their teams

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