Define the learning objectives and the capabilities that will be covered in the learning

What actions will the learner need to perform to achieve the program goals and what capabilities will they need?


Listing the learning objectives and capabilities that will be covered in the learning will help you to focus the learning design process on knowledge-based outcomes as well as actions (what the learner should be able to do when they have completed the learning).

Consider using Bloom’s Taxonomy of Measurable Verbs as a guide to describing and classifying the observable knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and abilities that make up your learning objectives.


Document your program's capabilities and measures of success in the Learning Canvas:

  1. Open the Performance & Capabilities section of the Learning Canvas by clicking on the blue Performance & Capabilities icon.

  2. Add your capabilities using the grey + button.

  3. Describe how you will measure success.


Here are some examples you can use as inspiration:

  • Effectively communicate constructive feedback to colleagues

  • Practice approaching customers and demonstrate the steps towards a sale

  • Demonstrate hand-washing procedures and personal hygiene

  • Identify key aspects of the workplace policy and recognise roles and responsibilities in policy adherence

  • Analyse personal contribution to team's dynamic

  • Recommend the appropriate solution to a customer's problem

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