Outline the key learning experiences

What activities will the learner do to develop these capabilities? How will you assess the learner?


Identify how your learning program will be structured and outline the learning journey that will be included, this will allow the learner to practice and develop the necessary skills and understanding. These activities can include online learning activities, classroom or virtual activities, as well as workplace embedding tasks.

Map each learning journey to your learning objectives to ensure that each journey is aligned to a program goal.


Open the Learning Journey section of the Learning Canvas by clicking on the pink 'Learning Journey' icon.

Add Digital Experiences

  1. Add the digital experiences (or modules) that you will create for this program in PRODUCER using the grey + button next to 'Add Digital Experience'.

  2. Add a new experience, or move or copy an experience from another program.

Add Other Learning Journeys

  1. Add any other learning activities that will form part of the overall program using the grey + button next to 'Add Other Activity'.

  2. Choose from the menu of other learning journeys.

Map Learner Personas and Objectives to each Learning Journey

  1. If any of the learning journey is specific to a learning persona, show this by clicking on the green 'All' circle. Choose the learner persona(s) that apply to each activity.

  2. Map each activity to your program's learning journey by clicking on the blue + next to OBJECTIVES. Tick one or more objectives that relate to each activity.

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