The Learning Canvas is a powerful tool that gets the design team focused on your learners and their outcomes. Use the canvas to identify the program goals and required objectives and capabilities, and build personas to understand your learners and what they need from the program. Integrate self-paced, face-to-face, project-based learning and assessments, to make blended programs that fully align to your learners’ needs.

  • Align organisation goals to objectives and capabilities

  • Build learner-centred personas that are linked to the design

  • Create blended programs and learner journeys

  • Easily share your program design – online, PDF, or Word

Using the Learning Canvas:

Program Roles
Program Goals
Performance and Capabilities
Program Requirements
Learner Personas
Learning Experiences
Knowledge and Information
Printing & Sharing the Learning Canvas with your Team and Stakeholders

Access and Program Roles:

The Learning Canvas is a scoping tool available to PRODUCER Pro customers.

  • Producers can edit the Learning Canvas

  • Editors, Reviewers and Viewers can view the Learning Canvas

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