List the resources the learner will need

What knowledge, information, tools and processes does the learner need to know to support their learning activities and actions? 


Identifying these resources helps with your planning. If the resources already exist, where will you source them from? If they don't exist, how will they be created?

Think about the resources the learner will need while engaged with the learning, as well as the resources they might need to take back to their job, to support them in their day to day activities. This includes any frameworks, process or resources required to support the development of the required skills.


Document the resources the learner will need in the Learning Canvas:

  1. Open the Knowledge & Information section of the Learning Canvas by clicking on the pink Knowledge & Information icon.

  2. Describe or list the resources the learner needs to understand at the conclusion of the program.

  3. Attach any source content using the grey + button to add a document, link, diagram or video.

  4. Give your resource a label and upload the file/link. These become part of the resources library for your program and will be available to attach to learning experiences if required.


Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Workplace policies

  • Decision making models

  • Sales guides

  • Leadership frameworks

  • Communication techniques 

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