Asking questions in your learning experiences, scoring responses, and then providing the learner with a score is the first step in understanding if the learning you are creating is effective in achieving business outcomes.

Measuring competence and/or confidence

You can use scores to measure anything from a learner's competence in mastering a skill or behaviour, to their confidence in putting it into practice.

Adaptive learning and personalisation

You can use scores to make your learning adaptive and personal, by creating learning pathways that respond to a learner's current level of competence, for example, if they achieve a high score in a pre-assessment, the learner may be able to skip parts of the content as they have already demonstrated their competence.


There are 3 ways to measure performance in PRODUCER:

  1. Scores

  2. Performance Metrics

  3. Self Assessment (available with PRODUCER Pro).

Add performance measures to your experience via the Experience Settings:


  • Producers can edit scores and metrics

  • No other program role has access to edit these settings


Use scores when you want your learning experience to assess competence. Set a pass mark, assess each question response as correct or incorrect, and the learner achieves a percentage score at the end of the experience.
Adding scores to your learning experience

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics are are form of advanced scoring. Add multiple metrics across your learning experience to support scenario learning.

For example, in a business scenario, you may wish to measure multiple metrics like profit, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. When a learner makes a decision to increase their profit margin by using lower quality materials for their product, this may increase profit, but could also decrease customer satisfaction.
Adding performance metrics to your learning experience

Self Assessment

Use self assessments when you want to ask your learners questions that do not have correct or incorrect answers. While there are many scenarios where this is useful, one of the most common is likert scales or rating scales, where learners might rate their level of confidence in a particular skill or behaviour, like leading their team. The may rate themselves along a scale from 'not confident' to 'very confident'.
Adding self assessment links to your learning

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