Self Assessments are available to PRODUCER Enterprise clients.


Access the Self Assessment settings via the Experience Settings:

Use the left menu in the Experience Settings to navigate to the Scoring section (or Bite Title and Scoring if your experience has more than one bite).

Choose Self Assessment and the + New buttons to add Assessment Indicators. You can also copy Assessment Indicators from other experiences.

Understanding the Self Assessment Settings

Your learning experience can have both a Primary Metric which is a scored result, as well as Self Assessment Indicators.

See how to set up a Primary Metric here.

Assessment Indicators

The Assessment Indicators relate to questions throughout the experience which ask the learner to answer questions in which they assess themselves. Each response is scored, all response scores are added up, and the final number should fall somewhere in your Assessment Indicator scale.

For example, if your question is:

How confident are you in your leadership capabilities?

you may decide to set up your responses with the following scores:

  • Not confident at all - 1 point

  • Somewhat confident - 2 points

  • Very confident - 3 points

The cumulative total of all the questions in your experience that relate to leadership will determine your Outcome scale.

1. Title and Description

Give your Assessment Indicator a title, abbreviated title, and description.

2. Outcome Scale
Here's where you might need to get out your calculator!

In this example, there are 4 assessment indicators:

  • Team Dynamic

  • Team Communication

  • Team Functioning

  • Team Culture

For the question in this example, the learner earns 5 points for the Team Communication Assessment Indicator when they choose the "To a very great extent" response.

To determine your Outcome Scale:

  1. calculate the maximum number of points a learner can earn for each Assessment Indicator

  2. add the required number of outcome levels

  3. distribute the points across the FROM and TO scales

Adding Scores to your Questions

After you have set up your assessment indicators, you will need to add scores to each response in each assessed question.

  1. All questions must be Reflective

  2. Use the blue dot next to each response to set a score for learners who choose that response.

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