Gameboards and Learning Plan Enhancements – By popular demand, the visual design of a learning plan is now a lot more flexible. Create ‘Gameboards’ using backgrounds and icons to guide your learners through your experience.

Drag and Drop – Programs, sections, outlines, screens, objects, tabs and more can now be rearranged using drag and drop, as well as the current ‘Move up/down/left/right’ actions. Keep an eye out for the drag and drop handle.


We have spent some time improving the usability of:

  • Hotspot screens

  • Experience settings

  • Badge and Achievement settings

We’re not done yet though, so stay tuned for more usability enhancements over the next couple of months.


As always, we continue to make under the hood improvements to the application, as well as resolve any issues or bugs that have found their way into the system. Here are some you might be aware of:

  • Resolved: Team Members are now able to create new programs (previously this was restricted to Team Administrators).

  • Resolved: When editing the background image in a theme, the existing background image was lost if a new image was not selected.

  • Resolved: There was an intermittent issue that caused the edit view of a screen to go blank when navigating to another screen via the drop down.

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