Home Page Program Order

It’s not exactly a new feature, but it’s a bit of re-organising you will probably notice on the home page right away – we have changed the order of the programs that display on the home page. The order is:

  1. Programs you have been invited to but haven’t accessed yet

  2. Programs you have accessed most recently, to least recently

If you’re looking for the alphabetical list, you can still find it under the Programs list.

HTML Title Screens

Creating beautiful, responsive title screens is easy, using our new title screen builder. Choose from four layouts, and add backgrounds, characters and icons and let the publishing engine do the rest. We’ll be adding more layouts over time.

Audio Questions

We have a brand new question type. It’s an audio multiple choice question. Ask your learners a question via an audio prompt, add audio to your response options, or add audio to the learner feedback. Great for learning languages!

Example Programs

We have started building a library of example programs which you’re very welcome to adapt for your own organisation. The first is a compliance module on Privacy. You will see it when you add a new program. 


View Consolidation

We have consolidated the Outline and Edit views to help you navigate more easily between your outline and your screens, once you start building them. You can also open your screen outlines from the Flow View, and move the dialog box around the screen, so that both are open at the same time.

Share/Publish Consolidation

In line with consolidating the Outline and Edit views, we have also consolidated the Share/Publishing links. Whether you’re downloading your canvas for distribution or publishing your final SCORM package, all the options for sharing your work are now in one place.


Most screens now have a help link in the top right corner. These help screen describe the main features of each page and open automatically for new users. The full help centre is still available here and via the chatbox.


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