Hotspot screens allow you to place buttons over a background image - the learner works their way through the screen by licking on each button. For example, this screen type is particularly good for explaining processes and workflows.

Once you have created your options, all you need to do is drag and drop the labels into the appropriate place on the image.

The unique settings for hotspot screens are described below. You can access the general settings that apply to all screen types here.

Include Instructions (under the Rules setting)

In the example screenshot above, the instruction "Select each label below to find out more" is an instruction to the learner explaining what to do on this screen. Use this option to display or hide the instruction text.

Open First Dialog on Load (under the Rules setting)

When the learner first opens the hotspot screen, use this option to automatically load the first item of content on the screen - in this case, the Introduction. If disabled, the learner must click on the Introduction button to start.

Hotspot Type

This setting relates to the way your hotspot buttons display. Choose from:

Hotspot and Label Colours

By default, these colours are set using your theme. Change the colours using this setting. 


Change the way your learner progresses through this screen:

  • Linear - the leaner must click through each button in the order you have designated.

  • Open - the learner must click through each button, but can choose the order they open each section.

  • Explore Interests - the learner can click on any button that interests them, but none are mandatory. The Continue button displays as soon as the learner arrives at the screen, and the screen is considered complete as soon as the learner clicks the Continue button.


Load your hotspot image using this setting. The image width must be between 1000px and 2400px and the image height must be between 690px and 1380px.

Adding New Hotspots

Add new hotspots using the + Hotspot button in the tool bar. You can also change the Hotspot style (eg. from left fly out to right fly out). You can rename/delete your hotspots in the left menu, drag and drop to change the order of the hotspots, and edit each hotspot using the pencil icon.

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