To publish your experience as SCORM 1.2, use the SHARE button, and choose the LMS option on the left:

Once you have published your experience, you will be able to download the SCORM zip package.

Open navigation

If you enable the Open Navigation option, your learners will be able to use the module navigation functions (eg. the menu, tabs etc) to skip to whichever part of the module they want to go to. 

Do not select this option if you want your learners to follow the module through from start to finish in a linear workflow.

What is SCORM 1.2?

SCORM 1.2 is a publishing standard that allows learning modules to communicate with a learning management system (LMS) consistently. The key pieces of information that modules and LMS's communicate are:

  • Name - the name of the learner, often displayed somewhere in the module eg. the Welcome screen

  • Dates - date started, date completed etc

  • Result - pass or fail

  • Score - expressed as a percentage

  • Status - incomplete or complete

  • Bookmark - the last screen the learner visited, so that they can return to the same place they left

  • Tracking/suspend data - suspend data is a record of the learners' interactions with the module eg. their question responses and navigation history

When is a SCORM 1.2 module considered complete?

PRODUCER''s SCORM 1.2 modules are considered complete when a learner has visited and completed all required screens. Screens marked as optional do not need to be visited for the learner to be considered complete.

A note on Go To's

If you are using the Go To progression rule to allow learners to skip Required screens entirely, then the learner will reach the final screen of the module and will not be Complete, unless they return to and complete the skipped screens.

We recommend you make the skipped screens Optional to avoid this issue.

If you are using the Go To progression rule to allow learners to skip objects on the same screen, or to skip to a different sub-screen on the same screen, then the screen will still be considered Complete once the learner reaches the end.


If your experience has a score or a primary metric, a SCORM module will calculate the score and pass it as a percentage to an LMS.

You can read more about how scoring works here.

If your learner 'fails' your chosen benchmark (for example, they score 40% when the passing benchmark is 50%), a status of complete will still be passed to the LMS.

Suspend/tracking data character limit

The SCORM standard restricts all SCORM 1.2 modules to a maximum of 4096 characters in the suspend data. The tracking and bookmarking functions in your LMS will start to fail if you exceed this limit.

The amount of suspend data that is being generated by your module is displayed in the footer in Preview mode in PRODUCER (NOTE: this does not display in published modules).

As this number changes depending on the number of screens, interactions, and question responses, we recommend previewing your module from start to finish, choosing as many of the available options as possible to get the most accurate estimate of your suspend data. You should:

  • visit every screen

  • answer all questions

  • select every option for every multiple choice multi select question

  • open every document and link resource

Top tips for reducing your suspend data

If you have exceeded the 4096 character limit, try these suggestions for reducing the amount of suspend data being generated:

  • remove short response questions

  • reduce the number of assessed questions

  • reduce the number of multiple choice multi select questions

  • break the module into multiple parts

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