Screen templates

Adding screens to your learning experiences is easier than ever with our new screen templates.

To save you even more time, we’ve set up screen templates, with pre-set layouts and pre-loaded content objects. Instead of starting with a blank screen, choose a template that aligns most closely to the screen you want to create, and adjust as required.

We’ll be adding more templates and layouts over the next few weeks!

Create your own icons!

We have heaps of new icons in our stock library that have transparent backgrounds. With our new background selector, you can make square or circular icons with whichever colour you choose in the background!

  1. Select an icon that has a transparent background

  2. Choose a fill type - either circular, rounded square, or square

  3. Choose a colour from your chosen theme's colour palette, or choose a different colour entirely

Enhanced colour palette

To support our new icon creator, we’ve enhanced the colour picker with more colours and shades from your chosen theme. By using the colour picker, when you switch themes, your colours will be updated with the corresponding colour from the new theme.


Collaborating with your team is easier than ever with our new and improved Comments screen:

  • Assign comments to team members

  • Choose who should receive emails notifying them that a comment thread has been updated

  • Mark comment threads so that they can only be seen by the Producers in the program

  • Attach files to comments

  • And check out our easy-to-follow conversation interface!

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