At any time, you can invite other team members and stakeholders to review and comment on your learning program. This will help identify any issues early, manage expectations, and save confusion at the end of your project, when re-work and re-design are likely to take significantly more time.


  • Users with the Team Admin role can create new user accounts for Guests. 

  • Users with the Team Member role can add existing team members to their program as Guests.


There are two ways you can share your work with your team and invite feedback and comments:

1. Invite team members and stakeholders to become guests of your team

PRODUCER has a 'Guest' role which allows you to invite additional team members with limited permissions. Guest are allowed to review and comment on your program, but aren't allowed to edit it. 

To invite a Guest:

  1. Choose User Accounts in the main menu

  2. Click the Add Producer button

  3. Add the Guest's name and email address

  4. Choose Guest as the access level

  5. Select the Programs you want to add the Guest to and assign them a role of Reviewer or Viewer. The main difference between the Reviewer and Viewer roles is that Reviewers can comment on your program, but Viewers cannot.

You can also add a Guest from the Program Team Member box within a program team:

By inviting Guests to PRODUCER to review your program, they can comment on screens in context from within PRODUCER, making it easier to keep track of all feedback and resolve and conflicting feedback from different stakeholders.

Reviewers and Viewers are also required to login to view your program.

However, if you would prefer to share your work without creating additional user accounts, you can publish your experiences via a share link:

  1. Choose the Share option from within your program

  2. Choose Share Link from the menu. All screens must be in Review, Comments or Completed status for the Share link to be generated. If they are not, a button will display to move all screens to Review.

  3. Activate the link and PRODUCER will generate a public URL for your experience. NOTE: This link is public and anyone with access to the link will be able to view your experience. No log in or username or password is required.

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