At decision points or milestones within your project, it's a good idea to ask your team members and stakeholders to review your progress so far. This helps to manage expectations and keep your team aligned.

Once your stakeholders have provided their feedback by adding comments to your program, use the Comments editor to:

  • apply the suggested change or implement the feedback

  • reply to the reviewer who made the comment

  • assign tasks to team membersĀ 

  • close the comment once complete


  • Anyone with the Producer, Editor and Reviewer role can comment on your program.

  • Producers can reply to comments, assign comments to team members, and close comments when complete.


View comments

When there are open comments relating to a particular screen, the number of open comments will be indicated by the number in the pink circle:

Click on the speech bubble to view the comments, and each individual comment to view the detail.

Assign and reply to comments

(Each item corresponds to a number on the screenshot below.)

  1. Assign comments to other members of your project team. If none is selected, the comment will be visible to all team members.

  2. Change the status of the comment - open / closed / delete

  3. Choose the team members who should be notified by email when a new reply is added to this comment.

  4. Check this option to make this comment viewable by Producers only (Editors and Reviewers will not be able to see the comment).

  5. Post a reply to the comment.

  6. Attach a file to the comment.

All comments for an experience are collated on the Comments tab

You can use this screen to assist in managing all comments for an experience.

Default Comments Assignee

Comment can be manually assigned to individuals on the team, however you can set one or more default assignees for all new comments. You can do this through the 'Team' button within the Program Overview.

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