To publish your experience as xAPI, use the SHARE button, and choose the xAPI option in the left menu:

Add the LRS address (endpoint), username (key) and password (secret), and publish the experience. Once you have published your experience, you will be able to download the xAPI zip package.

Prompt user for their details if unavailable

xAPI relies on an email address and name to identify the learner. Name and email address are included in the xAPI statements that are generated and sent to an LRS.

Depending on how you're choosing to deliver/distribute your xAPI module, the module may not be able to identify the learner's name and email address from the system/website you are using to deliver it. 

By checking this option, the learner will be prompted to enter their name and email address, if the module can't find it.

xAPI Statements

When using this publishing option, xAPI statements will be generated and sent to your LRS whenever any learner accesses your experience.

Almost every interaction the learner has with the learning generates a statement, providing a comprehensive insight into their learning activity.

Understand more about xAPI statements and when they are triggered.

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