xAPI statements are built into PRODUCER's publishing engine. So when you publish an experience using the the xAPI publishing option, xAPI statements will be generated and sent to your chosen LRS automatically.

xAPI Triggers

Below is a summary of the activities that trigger an xAPI statement:


  • launching an experience/module

  • opening a link

  • opening a document

  • starting to play a video


  • completion of a screen

  • playing a video to the end

  • completion of a bite

  • completion of a module

Question Responses and Scores

  • answering a question correctly

  • answering a question incorrectly

  • answering a reflective question

  • answering a short response question

  • recording a score for an experience/module

  • recording a score for a primary metric for an experience/module

  • recording a score for a secondary metric for an experience/module

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