If you are including assessable questions throughout your learning experience, it may be important to provide the learner with a score at the conclusion of the experience and demonstrate where they went right/wrong by allowing them to review their responses, in order to reinforce the capabilities and behaviours you want them to adopt:


Add scores and results to your experience using Smart Content objects:

  • Graph Results - Use this object to display a score and a graph showing all questions in the experience and whether the learner got the question correct or incorrect (there is an example in the screenshot above). Learners can also review their question responses via this graph.

  • Metric Overview - Use this object at the beginning of your experience to explain the scoring and metrics being used in the experience. These are defined in the experience Settings. See how to set up scores and metrics.

  • Results List - Use this object to display a learners scores/results, without the accompanying graph.

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