New Question Type - Text Compare

Add a question that requires the learner to type a response. You can include as many acceptable responses as you like and anything the learner types that matches an acceptable response will be correct.

Enhancement - Multiple Choice Slider

Display your single response multiple choice questions as a slider. Great for scales and reflective questions!

Enhancement - Matching Question

We get it - the matching question was a bit hard to use and confusing. So we fixed it!

Enhancement - Ratings in Short Responses

If you're using short response questions, improve the effectiveness of your questions by asking your learners to reflect on their response.


There are a few other bits and pieces we have squeezed into this release:

  • Title screens - we are continuing to expand on and enhance our title screen layouts, We've added four new ones for you to try out.

  • Default theme logos - if you use multiple different logos across your learning experiences, you can still add them via the Experience Settings. But if you always use the same logo, add it to your theme to save time, and PRODUCER will use your theme's logo as the default.

  • Program search - the program search on the Programs screen is new and improved. Just start typing and the matching programs will start to display.

  • Background options - in addition to our image-based backgrounds, our two new options are a solid colour background, or a combination of an image and colour. If you choose both, the RGBA colour will sit over the top of the background image as if it were a filter.

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