PRODUCER learning experiences are published using responsive design - meaning they will always work on mobiles, tablets and desktops. However, the way you structure and layout your screens can have an impact on usability and the learner experience on different devices.

Consider where the majority of your learners are likely to be accessing your learning experiences, and prioritise your structure and screen layout for that device.

EXAMPLE: In this case, the layout for phone has been prioritised over desktop.

EXAMPLE: In this case, the layout for desktop has been prioritised over phone.

The variations between desktops, phones (in landscape or portrait orientation) and tablets (in landscape or portrait orientation), plus the many different device sizes, mean that your content will be displayed and your background images will be cropped slightly differently on different devices.

NOTE: All the content on your screens will be displayed on all devices - it's just the layout that might vary. 

EXAMPLE: Below is the same title screen displayed for different devices:
Desktop display:

Phone display:

Tablet display:

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