As a project lead or key stakeholder, you may need to make minor text edits as part of the review process, or to update your learning at a later date. You can also use PRODUCER’s inbuilt comments feature to provide feedback, changes and suggestions.


Anyone who has been added as an Editor in PRODUCER 


Accessing PRODUCER for the first time:

  1. You will receive an email from Guroo Producer when you are added as an Editor

  2. Follow the prompts to register

  3. Once registered, you can login here: ima.gurooproducer.com

Accessing a new project in PRODUCER:

  1. You will receive an email showing that you have been added as an Editor on a project

  2. The project will now appear on your dashboard when you login at: ima.gurooproducer.com


Access your program from the dashboard, then select the learning experience you wish to review and/or edit. 

PRODUCER includes multiple views of the same learning experience. You can choose whichever suits you best.

By default, each learning experience will open in Layout View. From here you can view the design and content of specific screens. Navigate between screens using the left menu.

Use Script View if you prefer to focus on the text/content separately from the design. Use Preview to see how the learning experience will look to the learner, from start to finish.


In the Layout View and Script View, you are able to make text edits. You cannot edit the structure of the screen. For structure changes, contact one of the program Producers. 

Make text changes in the default Layout View by hovering over the content you want to edit, and clicking the pencil icon (anything you change is saved automatically).

If you are copying and pasting text from another source, use Ctrl + Shift + V when pasting to remove formatting from the source text.


Commenting at Screen Level

Commenting at screen level is best when describing a change to the overall look or structure of the content. Select the speech bubble icon to comment on a screen.

Commenting on Specific Screen Items/Content

Commenting in Layout View or Script View is best for describing a specific change to screen content. In this view, you can comment directly on a content item, such as a question, speech bubble or textbox, by hovering over the content item and choosing the Comment button:

Screens that show this message are not yet available for editing/review. Contact one of the Program Producers for access.

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