If you have a lot of information to include in your learning experience, a great way of breaking it into sections is by using "bites" to create learning pathways. Think of bites as sections, topics, or even chapters.

A simple learning plan looks like this:


Learning Plans are available to PRODUCER Pro and Enterprise customers.


By default, all new experiences are "single-bite". To change this setting, and create a multi-bite learning experience, go to Settings, and choose "Multi-Bite" under Theme & Structure:

When you change this setting, the following things will happen:

  • An Introduction bite will be created

  • All existing screens in your experience will be moved to the Introduction bite (you can use the 'move screen' function to move them to other bites if you wish)

  • A Learning Plan screen will be created

  • An 'Add Bite' option will appear at the bottom of the flow view, to allow you to start adding new bites.

Learning Plan - Basic Settings

Click on the Learning Plan screen in Flow, Layout or Script View to edit its settings.

You can:

  • edit the instructions and title

  • add icons for each bite, and descriptions

  • make bites required or optional - if optional, the learner does not have to open or complete the bite in order to complete the learning experience

  • weight the bites, to accurately represent progress throughout the experience for the learner.

Advanced Settings

Find out more about the Learning Plan's settings.

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