A key part of the learning production and design process is communication and engagement with your team members and stakeholders. Use our email templates, or set up your own, to ensure your team is communicating consistently and effectively.


  • Team administrators can add email templates

  • Producers can send emails


Setting Up Email Templates

We have set up a series of email templates which you can use or adapt to suit your own production processes.

Access the templates in the Settings menu:

  1. Go to Settings in the main menu

  2. Choose Email Templates from the Settings sub-menu

  3. Use the drop down to view the email templates available in our Library

The templates in the library cannot be edited, however, if you need to adjust them to suit your production process, add new, customised email templates using the Add Email button in the top right corner.

  1. Choose a template from the library that most closely matches the new email template you want to create - your new email will be copied from this library template.

  2. Click the Add Email button

  3. Give your template a name

  4. Edit the subject and body to suit your team

  5. Choose the attachments you would like to include in the email by default (these are only default attachments - they can be removed or added on an email-by-email basis)

Disabling Email Templates

By default, all the Library templates and your customised templates will be available to your team members to use. To disable an email template:

  1. Choose the template you want to disable from the menu

  2. Disable using the button

Using Email Templates

To use your email templates, access them via the Share button:

  1. Choose the Share button from any screen within your Program

  2. Select Send via Email from the left menu

  3. Select the recipients from your team list

  4. Choose a template

  5. Edit the template if required - for example, you may want to include a due date for receiving feedback

  6. Add any attachments that are relevant (or remove any of the default attachments)

  7. Send!

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