Create learning in multiple languages and keep your language versions in synch using PRODUCER's multilingual functionality.


Set Up - Add additional languages to your experience via the Experience Settings:

Editing - Switch between languages in Flow view using the toggle in the navigation bar:

Translating - Use the toggle to switch to the secondary language. By default, all text will display in your primary language. To translate the text into the secondary language:

  1. Open each screen

  2. For each text field, type in the translated text. PRODUCER is fully integrated with Google Translate, so you may also wish to automatically translate your text to save time. We would always recommend having a native speaker check the translation for context. Use the En link next to each text field to access Google Translate (see example below).

NOTE: The only thing that can be edited in the secondary language is the text. If you wish to add or delete content, or edit images, or move content around, this must be done in the primary language, which will then be matched in the secondary language. This is to ensure all your language versions are kept in synch.

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