Authoring Definitions

  • Program - A Program is a learning journey, topic or subject, depending on the nature of your organisation. It might be an orientation program, or a university subject, or a leadership course, or a customer service course. In essence, a program is a collection of learning experiences that are related to each other in some way.

  • Experience - An experience is more commonly referred to a module. It is a chunk of learning that can be packaged up and exported as a SCORM module or xAPI module.

  • Bite - If you have a lot of information to include in your learning experience, break it into sections by using "bites". Think of bites as sections, topics, or even chapters. Find out more here.

  • Screen - A learning experience is made up of a series of screens, or pages.

  • Content Object - Each screen can be made up of one or more content objects, for example text, image, video or question.

Program Role Definitions

What's the difference between a Producer and an Editor, or a Team Admin and a Team Member? Find out more here.

In the main navigation drop down, you will find the following options:

  • Programs - a complete list of the Programs in your Team. By default, this will show programs of which you are a member. Use the filter in the top right corner to see all Programs.

  • Library - The Library is a central store of reusable assets that you can use in your learning experiences. Find out more here.

  • Users - Manage the people in your team who have access to PRODUCER in Users. Add new users, or archive users who no longer need access.

  • Settings - Manage email templates and languages (if using PRODUCER Pro to develop multilingual content). You can also edit your company details and the default theme for your team.

  • Manage Account - Purchase additional space or upgrade your plan.

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