We’re keen to keep the authoring of learning experiences as quick and seamless as possible, and we want to cut down the time you spend switching between the Script View (were you write and edit your screens) and the Preview (where you can see how the screen will look for your learners).

With this in mind, we're working on combining these two views.

We’re taking a phased approach to this change, and our first step along this pathway is to move the screen settings from the right side of the screen (accessed via the gear icon), to the top of each screen.


Choose from Google's fonts, or upload your own custom font. Fonts are a part of your theme. Edit your themes in PRODUCER's Library.


As your team and the number of programs you are working on grows, you might find that giving a new team member access to all your existing programs is an onerous and time consuming process. So here's a short cut:

  1. Go to Users in the main menu

  2. Search for and click on the user who needs access to all your programs

  3. In their profile, switch on the View all Non Archived Programs setting

Regardless of whether you have added them to each individual program, this user will now able able to see all the programs in your team/account (except for the archived ones).

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