The Word and PDF export can be found via the Share button:

This feature will export all the text in your learning experience.


There are a few reasons why you might want to export the text of your learning experience. Some examples are:

  • Some of your stakeholders or subject matter experts may prefer to review your content in a document.

  • If you need to translate your learning experience into another language, a text export can be sent to a translation company.

  • You may wish to keep the content of your learning experiences on file somewhere for archival purposes.


Toggle on the Word or PDF Document option and click the Publish button to generate the documents. You can republish any time you need an updated version of the documents.

The two other options you can choose to include in your files are:

  • Include Outline - toggle this option on to include the information in your outlines in the documents.

  • Add Translation Column - toggle this option on to include an additional column in the documents, which can be used to assist in language translation processes.

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