Gamification is a really fun way to engage learners in online learning by applying a typical element you would normally find in gameplay (e.g., earning points, badges, or rewards.) You can easily incorporate gamification in your learning modules by adding achievements through the experience settings.


Setting Up Achievements/Badges

In order to add an achievement, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose Settings in your module

  2. Choose Achievements on the left

  3. Add New

  4. Give your badge a Name, Description, and Collection Statement (the learner will see this statement when they are awarded the badge)

  5. Select an icon for your badge from the Asset Library

Add an Achievement/Badge Overview to your Experience

You can create as many achievements as you like. Once you have finished creating your achievements, we suggest adding a screen at the beginning of your module that will tell the learner how and when they’ll receive these badges:

  1. Add New

  2. Choose Smart Content

  3. Choose Badge Overview

  4. Choose All Bites to display an overview of the badges

Here's an example of how badges will be displayed:

Awarding Achievements/Badges

There are three ways to award an achievement/badge:

  1. At any time during a module, by using the Award Badge content object

  2. As an award for answering a question correctly

  3. As an award for achieving a relevant score

1. Using the Award Badge Content Object

Select where in the module you would like to award a badge; it can be anywhere that feels appropriate:

  1. Add New

  2. Choose Smart Content

  3. Choose Award Badge

  4. Choose Select Existing and pick the badge you want to award

2. Awarding a Badge for Answering a Question Correctly

Select a question that deserves an award.

  1. Edit feedback for the selected question

  2. Activate the Earn Achievements toggle

  3. Choose Select Existing

  4. Choose the badge you would like the Learner to earn

3. Award for Achieving a Relevant Score

To award a badge for achieving a relevant score, you will need to use the Smart Content objects first. Add either the Graph Results content object, or the Results List content object. You can red more about Smart Content objects here.

Then, to award a badge for a score:

  1. Choose Graph Results or Results List and edit

  2. Activate the Award Badge toggle

  3. Choose Select Existing

  4. Choose the badge you would like the Learner to earn

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