Graphics and diagrams can help create beautiful screens and break up blocks of text. But what’s the difference between a graphic and a diagram in PRODUCER?


Graphics are used for aesthetics in a learning experience and can draw a learner in with beautiful images. Using graphics in PRODUCER is made easy with options to use built in stock images or upload your own and share with anyone in your team or program.


Diagrams are visual representations of information and can be used to explain or bolster a concept. In PRODUCER, diagrams are easy to use, and have some extra features to make your content clear:

  • Titles and Descriptions - Being clear about what the purpose of a diagram is can help a leader engage with the content because they can clear see what it’s all about. The title and description options allow for more helpful information below a diagram. Both the title and description fields support screen readers, so they are accessible.

  • Alt Tags - Alt tags are text that is applied to an image so a screen reader can tell the learner what is in the diagram.

  • Zoom Pop-Up - Diagrams in PRODUCER have a built-in zoom option, allowing learners to expand the diagram to view more closely. You can enable or disable this in More Options when you need it.

  • Multilingual - If you're creating learning in multiple languages, different language versions of the same diagram can be added to PRODUCER.


To summarise, use graphics when you want to make a screen look visually appealing.

Use diagrams when you are using an image to convey information to the learner. Use the title, description and alt tags to make the information in your diagram accessible to screen readers; and enable the Zoom Pop Up if your diagram is very detailed and it would be helpful to learners if they could enlarge it.

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