PRODUCER's latest release includes Layout View to give you a more visual writing interface.

What this means for program Producers:

  • Writing and designing your learning experiences now happens at the same time, with a single view that lets you see how your screens will look for learners right away

  • When you update the layout of your screens, add images, or switch to a different screen type, your changes will immediately show in the Layout View

  • The Script View still exists. If you prefer to do all your writing first and come back to design at the end, you still can!

  • While we were at it, we've added a screen menu - navigating between your screens is easier than ever

Watch this brief video to find out more:

You will find Layout View simply by editing one of your learning experiences – it’s the default view, so you can’t miss it!

What this means for program Reviewers:

Reviewers can use Layout View to comment on specific sections of the screen. You will see the comment button when you hover over the screen:

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