SCORM 1.2 wrappers allow you to stream your modules and collect analytics data.

Unlike a traditional SCORM package (where all your module content is packaged up and contained within the SCORM zip file). SCORM wrappers are a "connector" between PRODUCER and your LMS.

Read more about the features and benefits of SCORM ANALYTICS wrappers and our out-of-the-box reports here.


To create a SCORM wrapper, take a look at this video, or follow the instructions below.

Setup Instructions

To create a SCORM wrapper/connector for any module, open the Share settings, and Choose Stream & Analytics from the left menu:

Step 1: Set up Streaming & Analytics in your account

The very first time you use ANALYTICS, you will see the above message. Choose the Continue & Setup Streaming button. You will only need to do this step for your first ANALYTICS module.

Step 2: Create your SCORM Connector/Wrapper

On the next screen, click the Create SCORM 1.2 Wrapper:

Then complete the settings for your SCORM wrapper. The settings are pictured below, and then explained in more detail.

Connector Label

This title will be used to distinguish this connector from other connectors in the ANALYTICS reports. We suggest using the module title and the LMS name. This is especially useful if you are creating multiple connectors for the same module for different LMS's - for example, an employee LMS and a partner organisation LMS.

Anonymous Tracking

By default, ANALYTICS will store a learner identifier passed from your LMS. It is the value the LMS provides to the wrapper in SCORM's student_id and student_name field. No other identifying information is available to the wrapper.

For the majority of LMSs, this identifier is a learner's name.

However, in some cases, it may also be an ID number or an email address.

If you enable Anonymous Tracking, this identifying piece of information will be completely anonymised. You will still be collecting all interaction data and information, but nothing will identify the learners.

Secure by URL

If you are distributing your learning to a third party organisation, you may wish to secure it by URL. This will prevent that third party organisation from forwarding the connector on to some other organisation without your permission.

Add the LMS domain to ensure that the connector will only work on LMS's that you specify. Add an appropriate error message for that scenario.

Expire Access

Use this option to remove access to your learning module after a specific date. Scenarios where this might be useful are:

  • your learning module is no longer relevant after a certain date

  • you have licensed your learning module to another organisation and the license period has expired

  • you have distributed your learning module to a third party and you no longer wish them to have access

Once you have completed the settings, Choose Add.

Step 3: Publish and download your connector/wrapper

Once your wrapper has been created, publish it via the blue arrow on the right:

After you have published, you will see the download link. Use this link to download the SCORM wrapper zip file.

Step 4: Upload your learning module to your LMS

The SCORM wrapper zip file can be uploaded to any SCORM 1.2 compliant LMS in the exact same way you would upload any other SCORM 1.2 module package. Once you have uploaded it, preview/test it as you would normally.

Step 5: Check that the module is sending analytics data back to PRODUCER

Check that everything is working properly by viewing the ANALYTICS progress report for your module.

Note: Data from the module will take approximately 5-10 minutes to appear in these reports.

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